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Tamsui, Taipei. 台北淡水漁人碼頭 Blue Building And Sky in Taipei. 台北天空 Mother & Child 母與子 Taipei, in the Afternoon 台北午後 Danger Sculpture  危險雕塑 Native Taiwanease Female Dancers 台灣原住民少女舞者 Old Nanjing City Walls 老南京城牆 A Rainny Day in Shanghai 上海,雨中午後 A Relax Day in Shanghai 上海,閒適午後 What R U looking for.....Orz... Suzhou Canal 蘇州運河 Taiwan Monkey 台灣獼猴 Roof Of Traditional Chinese Building 中式建築屋簷 Taipei 台北 Wall and Interior of SUZHOU 蘇州庭園圍牆 SUZHOU 蘇州 Shanghai Museum SUZHOU Museum 蘇州博物館 Old bicycle. 蘇州 老單車 White Wall  淡水.白牆 The tea of Cafè Noir  咖啡黑的茶 Grass SUZHOU, China  蘇州 Dr. Mackay  淡水.馬偕博士之墓 Blue Sky With Cloud Chess King Pasta Shanghai Art Museum 上海美術館 Umbrella Desert The Sea Bodhisattva Buddha Temple Sky Color Changing. Pasta Webber Today's Lunch. Rolleiflex Just a small cake. Ghost off mirror. My Carl Zeiss Black Coffee 黑咖啡 ice coffee Two Sheeps Ya-Ting, The Photographer. Chinese Clothes Taipei, 2007/9/4  台北街頭 Taiwan Railway Alcohol, my best friend. Big nose ...a dog Fu-Long sailing cloud. Ice & Wine. Coffee Beans a Plate Newspaper Violet Flower Coffee Beans Vacation- Relax On The Hill  南投.清靜農場 Violet Teapot Two Running Sheeps Hill of Nantou, Taiwan (2) 南投.清靜農場 don't know what this flower is Hand in Hand 南投.清靜農場 Hill of Nantou, Taiwan 南投.清靜農場 Rouge (red rose) 2 Pink Roses Red Box Color Plates Bees Face of Plates Sea Shell Roof Of Traditional Chinese Building. Box of Love Key in hand Three Oncidium The Book Key over white Men before and after 40 Laterns Rocks Of Love NCKU, Tainan The Grand Hotel, Taipei Three Bowls On The Wood Lotus A paty in 1995 One night in Taipei, 1993. Glass. Chinese Bricks, Fujian style. 閩式格子砌 Lavazza in Taipei 101 Latte coffee image of image coffee. Hong Kong International Airport 4 Red Boat Restaurant, Nanjing. Qinhuai River, Nanjing The main road of Taichung City. On the way to somewhere(Toy Camera View 18) Sky of Taichung City. The Yellow Yellow Yellow.... Hong Kong International Airport 3 Hong Kong International Airport 2 deux Lions of happiness Hong Kong International Airport Red, Yellow and Green. Childhood Cansies in the restaurant. Confucius Temple Fruit of Friday For better luck? Ballet And Music Garlic Bulbs On Newspaper 12 Colored Pencils (2) Phalaenopsis spp. Vintage Chinese Monster's Face Water In Glass Cool Girl 12 Colored Pencils Lucky Fleur 8 Colored Pencils Flora In forest Blooms Nantou, Sentimental (Toy Camera View 17) Red Door For Lucky Rouge Big Roots Blanc Green rice paddy Roof of Fukien Style Spring's Voice In God we trust. The portrait of Flora Bamboo And The Pavilion, Chinese Pleasance. New Bloom 2 Flowers 雙花 pray again When will someone sitting beside me? The road, bus and  motor (Toy Camera's View 16) Pray for Hungry? Tamsui 2007 Puppy City scape of Taichung
Taichung City 
Lan Tian Traditional Academy, Nantou County Caotun, Nantou County Voyage (Toy Camera's View 15) 
Lan Tian Traditional Academy, Nantou County 
Sunflower and a Bee Nantou (Toy Camera's View 14) Nantou grids YunLin 2 YunLin
TADA, Taichung Taichung
Nantou Lion Busy Bee TsaoTun (Toy Camera's View 13) Taichung (Toy Camera's View 12) 
Door 'n Scooter (Toy Camera's View11) beSide (Toy Camera's View10) 
Street (Toy Camera's View 9) Nouveau
Old factory
Hi LIFE!!!!! @ the Window @ CNV, Nantou
@ Culture Coffee, Taipei
The Door 
Old Factory in Taichung Grids
TADA, Taichung 2007

The Skirt of a tree Sky (Toy Camera's View 8) Stream (Toy Camera's View 7) A sunny day in Taiwan, 2007. an afternoon, one day Roadside (Toy Camera's View 6)

Fa Hua Temple 
a New Year Tree Dec. 30th, 2006 in Taichung

Dec.30th, Taichung AOWANDA, Taiwan, 2006 (台灣.南投.奧萬大)

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