Ear 'n Hair Taipei International Flora Exposition Taipei International Flora Exposition The Sea Taipei International Flora Exposition ring
Jhongsing New Village they r not looking
Taipei International Flora Expo Bodhisattva The portrait of Flora Taipei International Flora Exposition Taipei International Flora Exposition Buddha Temple Taipei International Flora Exposition Gift from JiaX 3 Rose Sky Color Changing. Bamboo And The Pavilion, Chinese Pleasance. Rose Rose Together Forever Pasta China Rose (Rosa Chinensis) 月季 Gift from JiaX 2 untitled
Chung Hsing New Village , Nantou Webber New Bloom Tamsui, Taipei NTU, National University of Taiwan. 台灣大學 Fleur untitled
Today's Lunch. Lotus Jesus in Crystal Flower Today 今日紅花 Fleur rouge Rolleiflex 2 Flowers 雙花 a chair in coffee shop Wine Today 今日酒 NCKU Just a small cake. Window Today tower
Gift from JiaX Sun Yat-Sen Mausoleum In Nanjing 南京中山陵 
untitled Dinner Tonight Ghost off mirror. pray again New Bus Station in Taipei. Taipei Tonight 今夜台北 E-en My Carl Zeiss Nantou. a forest of NTU. After School Christmas Tree Tonight 今夜聖誕樹 Orchid Black Coffee 黑咖啡 When will someone sitting beside me? BALGO Christmas Tree Today 今日聖誕樹 another rainny day in Taipei ice coffee Blur Cup After All
Tanghulu Today 今日糖葫蘆 untitled
Two Squirrels Two Sheeps The road, bus and  motor (Toy Camera's View 16) in Starbucks. Lion 4 Leaf Today (@ Taipei) 今日落葉(台北) Nantou :Home, Water Color Style untitled Ya-Ting, The Photographer. Photography Class in Taipei. Practice makes perfect: <br/>Those young students were dancing outside a gallery. They used the glass as the mirror in order to look themselves. Taichung City Today 今日台中 The Church Chinese Clothes Pray for Bitan 新店碧潭 untitled Bitan Today 今日碧潭 Sky and Light Taipei, 2007/9/4  台北街頭 Fleur today K

The Church in Tainan Kid Today- Azure 今日阿祖睿 la fleur est morte
Sky and Tree Taiwan Railway Hungry? Flower of Winter 新社花海 Cat today 今日貓咪

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