Duanwu Festival 端午節包粽子 Ballet And Music 學長 at Retro Coffee 鳳凰花 (紅花楹), Delonix Regia Broadcasting Taichung 台中放送局 Taipei 2008 Lynx Spider (Oxyopes Macilentus) 細紋貓蛛 rainny again
Taichung, 2006 (Toy Camera's View 2) Garlic Bulbs On Newspaper The door of Kinmen 金門的門 Leaves Big Roots Taoyuan, Taiwan 台灣桃園 Classic Camera 4 RF download. Wild Cat 12 Colored Pencils (2) untitled
Chung Hsing New Village 中興新村 Autumn Leaves Kinmen (Jingmen) 金門風獅爺 Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Gate Autumn leaves and Summer Blue UP 2 Phalaenopsis spp. Chinese Calligraphy Zhong Xing New Village  南投中興新村 Blanc Kinmen (Jingmen) 金門 Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall, Taipei Zhong Xing New Village (Chung Hsing New Village) Vintage Chinese Monster's Face Wall of Kinmen High School 金門高中圍牆 double Tiramisu Pancake Kinmen (Jingmen) 金門 35mm Camera standard lens Blackberry Lily aka Iris domestica (Belamcanda chinensis) untitled UP Water In Glass Kinmen (Jingmen) 金門 Strawberries (For RF download usage) Green rice paddy Antique Door Today 今日古門 abstract violet untitled
Cafe Latte ( For RF download usage.) Cool Girl Ferrero Rondnoir Today 今日巧克力 Red Rose ( For RF download usage.) Kinmen 金門窗外 5 blooms of rose Cat in Wild (for Royality Free and download) Goodbye the Door (Toy Camera's View 1) 12 Colored Pencils Dashi, Taiwan. 臺灣大溪 The Rose (for Royality Free and download) Roof of Fukien Style Bitan Taipei 台北碧潭 RMB Lily Lucky Fleur Kid Today 今日妹妹 Nanjing Qinhuai River 南京秦淮河 Fish Today 今日紅燒魚 Lin Ben-Yuan Family Abode. Sun Moon Lake, Nantou 日月潭 window

Summer 2001 8 Colored Pencils coreopsis today Taichung Spring's Voice Mt. Yang Ming 陽明山 bootle Taichung Flora Lily Today 今日百合 lune 月 Orchid Today 今日蘭 wine bootle Tea , Nantou Gift from JiaX 4 In forest Orchid Today Sun Moon Lake, Nantou 日月潭 In God we trust. Girl in FNAC Reflection Taichung Daisy Today 今日雛菊 Fleur - Lily Maple Leaf Today. 今日楓紅 Paper & Pape Bags a grocery
淡水 Danshuei tnnua Jhongsing New Village Coffee of Love Today 今日愛情咖啡 Puli, Nantou 南投埔里鯉魚潭

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