Sea Shell Fleur today Taipei, ally The Door 台南海山館 Tainan Roof Of Traditional Chinese Building. Kate and me Fuloon Taipei County exit
Holiday Inn Express Taichung and Sunshine Plaza Box of Love Orchids Institute of Art Study, NCKU Photographer in Museum 
Old Factory in Taichung 台中公園 Taichung City Park Key in hand cute kid Kinmen 金門 母與女 Mother and Daughter Three Oncidium cloud in winter, Taipei Kinmen 金門 Grids
台大校門口 NTU The Book Wall and Latern in Kinmen Sunset @ Taipei ncku Taipei City Bus 台北公車內 Key over white Taipei Night Market 饒河夜市 Lotus in Summer Nantou
Taipei City Today 台北今日 la mer Men before and after 40 TNNUA
Old Door (David Hockney style) Lotus Field 花樣攝影展遺跡 Les Fleurs @ Retro Coffee Laterns Lotus one afternoon in Nantou TADA, Taichung 2007
Village Villa 鄉林薇拉民宿薰衣草房 Rocks Of Love Fleurs 康乃馨 Time and Money (USD) they r not looking
Village Villa 鄉林薇拉薰衣草房 NCKU, Tainan Dying 2 Dress Up 
The Skirt of a tree Platform of Taichung Station 台中驛 The Grand Hotel, Taipei Chinese Culture University (PCCU), Taipei 中國文化大學 Yangmingshan 陽明山 Bicycle Shadow 單車剪影 Three Bowls On The Wood Yangmingshan 陽明山 Orchid 蝴蝶蘭 Sky (Toy Camera's View 8) door of a church in Taipei. 台北某教會大門 Lotus Coreopsis 波斯菊 Breakfast @ Dante Coffee untitled
Bicycle Life in Taipei A paty in 1995 Flower Today Kinmen 金門風獅爺 Stream (Toy Camera's View 7) Coffee, Table and Glass One night in Taipei, 1993. NTU
Spring leaves in the subtropics, Asia. 亞熱帶的春日落葉 Gnosis, photographer Spring leaves in the subtropics, Asia. 亞熱帶的春日落葉 NTU, National University of Taiwan. Glass. ChangHwa, Taiwan 台灣彰化 Coffee of Today A sunny day in Taiwan, 2007. CAT garden, Taipei 台北貓花園 Image Coffee Lite switched to Chinese Bricks, Fujian style. 閩式格子砌 Flower Today 今日黃花 Black tea flavored milk, cafe latte 紅茶拿鐵 Coreopsis 波斯菊 
untitled Roll Of Money (shut up, Franklin ) ring
Sunset at Kenting beach 墾丁夕照 Lavazza in Taipei 101 Lunch in Little Italy, Taichung. 台中小義大利午餐 palm trees in the blue sunny sky 藍天棕梠樹下 Sunflower and Bee 蜜蜂向日葵 an afternoon, one day

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